Workplace at home

Just a few words about me and my passion for sewing.

I grew up in a family where crafting and homemade items were the norm and appreciated.

You actually invented yourself and the world around you constantly, which was great fun.

Probably an experience lots of people had. You might remember the happy feeling, the warm atmosphere, when you crafted something or made a cake.

After years of sewing for me and my children (dresses, bags, dolls and even dolls clothes), I started with my daughter in law, in 2012 just sewing and creating handmade items.

We now specialised in different directions. My daughter is a quilting designer/maker and I developed in bags, particularly rucksacks.

I even won a price for my travel rucksack, which encouraged me more to follow my passion.

Being a practical person, I love to create useful and individual bags with uplifting colours.

I like to search for new fabrics and to design different  patterns for a new modern bags.

The bags are unique and stylish, you can’t find another one like this.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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